American Alligator Facts, Diet, Size, Bite Force, Habitat, Life Span

American Alligator Facts, Diet, Size, Bite Force, Habitat, Life Span, Reproduction, Characteristics and much more knowledge is shared on this page.

American Alligator

The American Alligator is considered as the largest reptile which is found in North America. Unlike Crocodile species, Alligators have broadhead. American Alligator uses its tail to swim and move faster through water and mud. They are really fast in the water but quite slow on the land.

What is American Alligator

American alligator belongs to the Alligatoridae family and its scientific name is Alligator Mississippiensis. As the name suggests, they are primarily found in America. We have provided details on this alligator below and you can check out that now.
Other Name Common alligator
Scientific Name Alligator mississippiensis
Average Size 10 to 15 ft
Average Weight 1,000 lbs
Biggest So Far 15 Feet 9 Inches Long and 1011 lbs in weight
Total population 5 Million (Roughly)

American Alligator Bite Force

American alligator holds the record of strongest bite force. They have the strongest bite which was measured in the laboratory. I was found that American alligator can bite with the force of 13,172 N. Then again they ran a test and found that Saltwater Crocodiles can bite with the force of 16,414 N.

American Alligator Characteristics

American alligator can be of both short and large size depending on various factors like climate, their diet, and growth. These Alligators have broad snouts, their jaws are like when they close their jaws, upper jaw covers the lower jaws. They are very rare to be found in the wild.

On an average, The American Alligator is considered second largest members of Alligatoridae family after black caiman.

American Alligator Diet

American alligator’s diet including the wide range of species. Most commonly, their diet includes FishesBirdsSnakes, Mammals and every animal which comes to the ponds and rivers where they live.

When checked the stomach of a dead American alligator, it had many Native animals, Muskrats and raccoon’s remaining in it.

American Alligator Facts

  • The Scientific name of American Alligator is Alligator mississippiensis.
  • It can be as large as 15 feet in length
  • Biggest American Alligator ever recorded was 15 feet and 9 inches long.
  • There are around 5 Million American Alligators on earth.
  • It can be around 1000 lbs in weight.
  • American Alligator has one of the strongest bite force i.e 13,172 N.
  • They can eat almost every animal which comes in their range.

American Alligator habitat

American Alligators are found in wild parts of the United States. They can be seen in the North Carlina, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. American Alligators live in Streams, ponds, Rivers and lakes.

They can love in the cold areas easily while other such species are vulnerable to cold, American Alligators can live up to 7 Degree C without any problem.

American Alligator Size

  • American Alligator length

They can be as large as 15 feet. But, The average size of a female American Alligator can be up to 8.2 feet while the average size of males is found around 11.2 feet.

  • American Alligator Weight

They can be 1000 lbs or say 450kg. Biggest American Alligator ever recorded was 15 feet and 9 inches large and 1011 lbs in weight.

American Alligator Lifespan

American Alligator has an average life expectancy of 50 years. In this lifespan, most of their life, Male alligators live in solitary are highly protective towards their territory. Small- sized alligators live in the close territory because they have better tolerance.

Baby American Alligator care

If you are raising a baby alligator then you need to take care of a few things. They can show aggression so you need to be prepared all the time. It is illegal to pet an alligator without the permit, get a permit first so that your pet is not taken away from you.

Make a different routine for both cleaning and feeding, so that your pet will know how to behave according to time. You should use a rubber band to keep his mouth closed while around children.

American Alligator Reproduction

Mating Season of American Alligator goes through mid-April to May. Their Egg incubation period is 60-65 days. American Alligator eggs are hatched in Mid August.

Sex of the baby depends totally on the egg incubation temperature. The temperature of 86°F caused birth to a female and 93°F yields to males.

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