Black Caiman Facts, Diet, Size, Bite Force, Habitat, Lifespan

Black Caiman Facts, Diet, Size, Bite Force, Habitat, Lifespan, Mating, Reproduction, Characteristics and much more information on this species are here.

Black Caiman

Black caiman is one of the largest members of the crocodilian family. These are carnivorous according to their food chain. There are found on slow moving rivers, Flooded areas, Amazon Basin and freshwater areas of South America. Superficially, they resemble Americal Alligator. They are the largest predator in Amazon Basins.

What is Black Caiman

Black caiman is the common name of Melanosuchus niger. They are the members of Animalia kingdom or order Crocodilia. As the name suggests, they are dark in color and some individuals can be totally Black in color.
Other Name Dark American alligator
Scientific Name Melanosuchus niger
Average Size 14.2 feet
Average Weight 1300 lbs
Biggest So Far 20 feet long and 2400 lbs in weight
Total population 25,000 to 50,000.

Black Caiman Bite Force

According to the tests, it has been found that black caiman can bite with a force of 6000 PSI [Pound Per Sq Inch] or 28000 Newtons. It is much more than most of the crocodile and caiman species.

Black Caiman Characteristics

Black Caiman, As the name suggests, they are dark in color and some individual have been found perfectly black. They are the largest species of crocodiles ever measured. Their Average size is 14 feet and they can grow up to 20 feet. Average Size of an adult male black caiman can be anywhere between 9.2-14 feet whereas the average size of female black caiman can be 8.2-11 feet in length.

The average weight of male black caiman can be 700 kg while the average size of female black caiman can be 550 kg. While they can grow up to 1100 kg in weight.

Black Caiman Characteristics

Black Caiman Diet

They are the apex predator and they can take down any terrestrial animal which is found in their range. They also catch and eat small species of caiman and also smaller members of their own kind.

They mostly eat Piranhas, Perch, catfish, Monkeys, Sloths, Coatis, Wildbeats, Buffalos, Dears and every other species which come to their pond to drink water.

Black Caiman Facts

  • Black Caiman is the largest among all crocodile, caiman and alligator species.
  • They are found in South America and are very rare in other parts of the world.
  • They can hunt down any animal excluding adult elephants, Rainos and Hippo.
  • They can grow up to 20 feet long.
  • Their weight can be more than 1100 kg.
  • Their bite force is measured as 28000 N.

Black Caiman habitat

They are the aquatic reptiles which generally occur in freshwater, Shallow habitat. Most common habitats of black caiman include Slow Moving rivers, Ponds, Lakes, and flooded areas. They are mostly found in South America.

Black Caiman Size

Average Length 

  • Male: 9.2-14
  • Female: 8.2-11

Average Weight

  • Male: 700 kg
  • Female: 550 kg

Black Caiman Lifespan

Life Expectancy of Black caiman is 50-80 years. if we talk about other animals, Only the jaguar is the natural predator of black caiman. So, We can say that they do not fear anything.

But human is the creature which can hunt down every lethal animal on the earth. These days, Humans are expanding their living areas and eventually they end up with fight caiman to acquire their land. Which is why it’s being hard to find aged black caimans these days.

Black caiman being hunted by Jaguar

Baby Black Caiman care

Even baby black caiman can be aggressive and can bite off your fingers. So, it is really important to take care while keeping a black caiman as a pet. You need to make him learn a few things like whether it is the time to eat of time to take a bath.

By doing so, You will make him aware of the timings and he will behave according to the situation. Tying their mouth with a rubber band can be useful when he is around the kids.

Black Caiman Reproduction

Black caiman waits for the dry season before making the nest. in the dry season, there will be less water for the fishes and there will be plenty of meal for the crocodiles.

They make a nest which is about 1.5 meter in diameter and then lay around 30-60 eggs. The nest is made using dry wood and leaves. The nest is kept closed for 42-90 days before the hatching process is started.

Then nest is opened to assist the hatching process. Female Black caiman protects the nest from other animals until the hatching of all eggs is done. The bitter truth is that sometimes they eat their own young.

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