Chinese Alligator Species, Facts, Diet, Habitat, Bite Force

Chinese Alligator Species, Facts, Diet, Habitat, Bite Force, Reproduction, Care as a pet and much more interesting knowledge is shared on this page.

Chinese Alligator

This Alligator is known by names like Chinese Alligator, Yangtze alligator, and China Alligator. These are one of the rarest species of alligators. As the name suggests, they are found in China itself. This alligator is one of the smallest known alligator species. Their habitat is being suppressed year by year as they are getting low in numbers.

What is Chinese Alligator

Chinese Alligator os the member Animalia Kingdom of class Reptilia. It is found in Eastern China and this is critically endangered species. More details on Chinese Alligator size, characteristics, bite force, population, and reproduction are discussed below in details.
Other Name Yangtze alligator, China Alligator
Scientific Name Alligator sinensis
Average Size 5 Feet
Average Weight 38 Kg
Biggest So Far 10 feet long
Total population 92-114

Chinese Alligator Bite Force

According to lab results, It has been found that Chinese alligator can bite with a force of 1300 PSI [Pascal per Sq Inch]. Although this is greater than most of the animal species, other alligator species can produce double force than that of the Chinese Alligator.

Chinese Alligator Characteristics

These are similar to only other living member of their genus which is American Alligator. There are only a few differences in their appearance. The major difference between Chinese and American alligator is that Chinese alligator is fully armored. Even their belly is covered with armored.Its body is covered with hard scales on it’s back and there are softer on the belly and sides. Along with the length of its body, 17 rows of 6 bony scales go to the tail.

Chinese Alligator Diet

Chinese Alligator generally eats fishes, crabs, shrimps, and other small crocodiles. Baby Chinese Alligator prefers insects of all kind. Once they grow, their food chain changes and they start to eat birds, small monkeys. There are only a few of them left which is why most of them are kept in activity, so they are fed by the caretakers.

Chinese Alligator Facts

  • Chinese Alligator is considered one of the most endangered species.
  • The average size of the Chinese alligator is 2 meter.
  • Average weight is around 40 kg.
  • The common name of Alligator sinensis is Chinese Alligator.
  • They are one of the smallest members of the crocodile family.
  • Chinese alligator is also known as the Yangtze alligator.
  • They are now limited to 433 sq Km area.

Chinese Alligator habitat

Chinese alligator does live in warm areas and subtropical areas. They are generally found in the lakes, ponds, marshes, and streams. These are found in many parts of China. Till 1950, they were found in the southern area of Yangtze river which is why they are also called Yangtze Alligators.

As of now, the geographic area for Chinese Alligator is reduced by 90%. The main reason for the reduction in this alligator’s population is that because most of it’s habitat is now being used for agriculture purpose.

Chinese Alligator Size

On an average, An adult Chinese Alligator grow to 1.5 meters (5 ft). There are some exceptions where some males grow up to 7 feet in length and 45 kg in weight. Some reporters have claimed that some Chinese alligators have been found 10 feet long.

Chinese Alligator Lifespan

As per studies, Chinese alligator can live up to 15 years. They are more active in the night. They can’t control their body heat like humans. In the spring season, as they are cold-blooded, they take sunbath to absorb heat. Once they are done with sunbath, they take the rest and snooze. They are totally inactive during winter.

Baby Chinese Alligator care

As Chinese Alligator is very rare species, it is very hard to keep them as pet and Government will not allow you to do so. Most of them are kept in captivity. They are fed with fishes and meat.

Chinese Alligator Reproduction

Chinese Female alligator gets matured at the age of four or five. During the mating season, they start to make noises which are considered as a call for mating. This sound making process lasts for 10 minutes. Experts have not yet specified why they make such noises.

In a single season, one female lay up to 20-30 eggs and these eggs are the smallest among all crocodile species. They make the nest with leaves and plants.

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