Dwarf Caiman Species, Facts, Diet, Care, Bite, Reproduction, As pet, food

Dwarf Caiman Species, Facts, Diet, Care, Bite, Reproduction, As a pet, food, Characteristics, mating, and many more interesting facts are discussed here.

Dwarf Caiman

Dwarf Caiman is one of the smallest members of alligator family. They are found on many parts of Northern and Central South America. They love to habitat in streams, rivers, and flooded forests. They can also travel to reach some nearby pools a d cold water ponds.

What is Dwarf Caiman

Dwarf Caiman is known by many names such as Musky Caiman, Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman, Smooth-fronted caiman, and wedge head caiman. They are the part of Animalia kingdom of order Crocodilia. They were first documented by a French zoologist named Georges Cuvier in 1807. This is the reason for that they are also called Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman.
Other Name
  • Musky Caiman
  • Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman
  • Smooth-fronted caiman
  • wedge head caiman
Scientific Name Paleosuchus palpebrosus
Average Size 4.6 Feet
Average Weight 7 kg
Biggest So Far 5.6 feet, 9.7 kg
Total population 1,000,000

Dwarf Caiman Bite Force

As Dwarf Caiman is small in size, it’s bite force is remarkably less than other big crocodiles. Even though it very low for crocodiles, it’s bite force is the greater man most of the species on the earth.

Dwarf Caiman Characteristics

Dwarf Caiman is arguably the smallest crocodile species in the world. Their shape is unusual as compared to other crocodiles. Their skull is dome-shaped and has smooth, short snout. Its head shape resembles the head of a dog. Their upper jaw is more extended than the lower and the difference is remarkable.

Dwarf Caiman Diet

Diet of Dwarf Caiman totally depends on its habitat. As all other caiman species, A small caiman eats insects like grasshoppers, beetles, worms and also mammals like mice. While growing they start to hunt crabs, crayfish, fishes, shrimps, and copepods.

Dwarf Caiman Facts

  • These are the Smallest members of Crocodilia family.
  • They can grow as long as 1.6m.
  • They are names Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman after a French Zoologist Georges Cuvier.
  • Female can lay 10-30 eggs.
  • They are generally hunted by Jaguars, Boa snakes, and Green Anacondas.
  • Their average weight is around 7 kg.

Dwarf Caiman habitat

They are most commonly found at the shorelines of Bolivia. They prefer to stay around dead wood patches. They also select dead wood patches to make nests and lay eggs. They love to be in freshwater rivers, ponds, lakes and some areas of Amazon basin. They are one of the freshwater species of crocodiles and they can swim at a speed ki 30kmph.

Dwarf Caiman Size

As the name suggests, they are not much bigger in size. male can grow 5 feet 3 inches in length while the female can grow up to 3 feet 11 inch on average. Biggest Dwarf Caiman ever found was 5 feet and 3 inches long. An Adult Dwarf Caiman weigh 6-7 kg on average.

Dwarf Caiman Lifespan

Dwarf caiman can live roughly from 20-40 years in age. Their age of sexual maturity is 8-15 years and most of their time during the day, they spend in woods while resting.

Baby Dwarf Caiman care

If you have kept a Dwarf Caiman as a pet then you need to know what to do with their diet. They love to eat superworms, earthworms, crickets, mice. You can also give them krill or turtle pellets. You should keep feeder fish as the main source of food. Feeding them 2-3 times a week will be more than enough.

Keep them in dim light and fresh water. You should also know the fact that they love to roam so give them enough space to roam around.

Dwarf Caiman Reproduction

Dwarf caiman lives alone except the breeding season. They make sound with their tails by jutting it vertically out of the water. Female makes the nest around woods using scraps and mud. Sometimes, they also overtake nests of other less powerful species.

Females lay 10-25 eggs which are 61-70 gm in weight and white in color. Their incubation period is 4-5 months and female opens the nest just before the beginning of hatching.

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