Jacare Caiman Facts, Diet, Size, Bite Force, Habitat, Lifespan

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Jacare Caiman

The Jacare caiman is widely named the Yacare caiman. However, it is Jacare in the Portuguese. This is the species of caiman found in central South America, Uruguay, central southwest Brazil. It is also quite possible that it can be the largest single crocodilian population on earth.

What is Jacare Caiman

The Jacare caiman belongs to the kingdom Animalia. The reptilia are the class of Jacare and crocodilian order. It related to the Alligatoridae family and has the genus of caiman.
Other Name Yacare Caiman
Scientific Name Caiman Yacare
Average Size 2.5 m
Average Weight 58 kg
Biggest So Far 3 m
Total population 100,000 to 200,000 in wild

Jacare Caiman Bite Force

The caimans put all effort to capture their prey in their jaws. They have strong muscles for their jaws. When bite force was recorded of jacare caiman then it was about 3700 psi which is about 16,476 Newtons. The force is enough to tear the muscles of any human in one steak.

Jacare Caiman Characteristics

The most of the adult males grow up to 2 – 2.5 m in length while females have the short length as compared to males. Their length hardly reaches up to 1.4 m. the body mass in males and females also varies which is approx 58 kg in males and 14 – 23 kg in females. They have the dark color body color.

Jacare Caiman Diet

The diet of the jacare caiman includes small fish, frogs, and invertebrates such as crustaceans and insects that they found around their habitat. But as their size increases, they start prey for the larger fishes including catfish, piranhas, and perch which remain a major source of food for jacare caimans diet.

Jacare Caiman Facts

  • The Jacare caiman is found in Central South America.
  • The female Jacare Caiman builds a mound into which she lays the egg about 22 – 35 every time in reproduction.
  • Female Jacare even protects their nests from predators.
  • The species is also known as the Yacare caiman.
  • The maximum length of caiman jacare recorded 3 m.
  • The average weight of these caimans is about 58 kg.
  • These are cold-blooded animals.
  • The maximum noted age of the caiman was about 60 years yet they have the average age is about 25 years.
  • The newborn young gender depends on the temperature around the eggs during development in the eggs.

Jacare Caiman habitat

The Jacare or yacare caiman often found in the lakes, rivers and wetlands and many other different habitats. It seems like floating mats of vegetation. These seem to like floating mats of vegetation in water. These are cold-blooded and require water and warm both. So, the near to the lakes, pond, the wetland is the good place to inhabit.

Jacare Caiman Size

The size and weight both differ in both males and females. The males size ranges between 2 – 2.5 m while females have smaller size about 1.4 m only. The maximum recorded size is about 3 m.

Jacare Caiman Lifespan

The average captive lifespan is about 20 years while the minimum is near 24 years. In the wild habitat, they live about 30 -40 years. The longest known lifespan of caiman is about 60 years.

Baby Jacare Caiman care

The caiman yacare has the maternity behavior and protects their eggs until they hatched. The eggs need an appropriate temperature to complete the hatching process. The gender of the newborn young depends upon temperature. On average, 30 degrees Celsius temperature will produce females and 34 degrees Celsius will produce mostly males.

Jacare Caiman Reproduction

The caimans’ jacare becomes sexually mature when they reach the size of about 1.2 m for females and 1.4 m for males. According to the age, it will be 4 to 7 years old. The mating and courtship generally occur in the month May and August. The females start laying eggs from July to November that depends on the environmental conditions.

The species of caiman is still in the category of least concern as mostly they found in the wild habitat. The population of the Jacare Caiman is stable in the various regions across the world. You can get more details about Crocodile Species here.

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