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Egyptian Uromastyx

The Egyptian Uromastyx belongs to the family Agamidae from the Genus Uromastyx. The species is endemic to North America and the Middle East. The species is considered as threatened by the IUCN and put the species in the vulnerable list.

What is Egyptian Uromastyx

The species is mostly found in the dry and rocky areas. These lizards are considered as the vulnerable species by the IUCN red list of threatened species. The species is related to the genus Uromastyx. These are one of the largest members of the genus with length about 76 cm for males.
Scientific Name Uromastyx aegyptia
Other Name Egyptian mastigure, Egyptian spiny-tailed lizard, Leptien’s mastigure, Egyptian dab lizard
Category Lizard
Size 30 inches
Average Lifespan approx. 12-20 years

Egyptian Uromastyx Characteristics

This lizard species is one of the largest members of the genus with the average length of 30 inches for males. The species is native to the North Africa and the Middle East. These species mostly found in the temperate regions and mostly in deserts. The species also prefer to live in the high temperature for basking in sunlight. It has the strong skin to made good leather for the Bedouins, while its meat was often considered as an alternative source of protein.

Egyptian Uromastyx Care

For this lizard species, you can choose the cage or aquarium to set up. Or you can build own cage with the wood and glass, or you can keep the outside in natural cages if the weather in favor of lizard. You should know about the lizard species before reach the length of 30 inches and weight of several pounds.

Egyptian Uromastyx Facts

  • The lizard species is related to the ‘Agamidae’ family from ‘Uromastyx’ Genus.
  • The average size of the lizard species is noted about 30 inches.
  • These species have the average size of about 12-20 years.
  • The females are usually smaller and less colorful as compared to males.
  • The burrows can be used by other animals once abandoned.
  • The population of the species has declined 30% over 15 years.
  • A female can lay 5-40 eggs which completes the incubation process in 8-10 weeks.

Egyptian Uromastyx Habitat

The species of lizard is mostly found in the east of Nile River, northern Egypt, and some population in Southern Egypt and most concentrated along the coasts of the Gulf of Suez and Aquaba. These often found near sea level and are tracked with fecal pellets and burrows. The species is mostly found in the temperate areas like the desert.

Egyptian Uromastyx Diet

The species of lizard is herbivorous and mostly prefer the green plants. This can be collard greens, mustard, dandelion greens, and turnip greens, escarole, prepackaged spring mixes, endive, bok choy, and radicchio. These lizards love to eat seeds. You can be fed them small bird seed mixes containing safflower, grass seeds etc.

Egyptian Uromastyx Venom

There are only a few species of lizards have the venom which able to unconscious the humans to sometimes kills. But these species don’t have any type of venom and not harmful to humans. The lizards are commonly found in the temperate areas like the Middle East.

Egyptian Uromastyx Reproduction

The females can lay up to 5-40 eggs and these eggs require 8-10 weeks. These species reach the sexual maturity at the age of 4 years. The female ones make a burrow to lay eggs and once hatched. Offspring may remain in the burrow for another few weeks. Found in ‘loose colonies’ with a single individual per burrow. These are diurnal and ground dwelling.

Egyptian Uromastyx Bite

The lizard species is non-poisonous yet the bite can be painful as they have the small sharp teeth. The bite from these species can tear the human skin. In such case of bite for this lizard, you have to immediately wash the biting area with the warm water and antiseptic solution. Contact to the physician for precaution and prevent the infection or any type of allergy.

Egyptian Uromastyx As Pet

The species is a good option to get as the pet. If you have the appropriate place of cage or time to care of lizard then you can surely get this lizard species as your pet. But this lizard species is hard to get as it already rare. You have to maintain the temperature in the cage for the lizard species.

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