Gold Dust Day Gecko

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Gold Dust Day Gecko

Gold Dust day gecko is a diurnal species from the family Gekkonidae. It lives in the northern Madagascar, and on the island of Comoros. It typically inhabits various kinds of houses and trees. The species feeds on nectar and insects. It is commonly known as the mascot of GEICO.

What is Gold Dust Day Gecko

This is one of the excellent choices for a pet day gecko. This is not the pet for handling but rather for watching as one would an aquarium fish. They are nervous and fragile, so plan on enjoying the gecko from the outside of the glass. You have to proper setup in the terrarium to keep this gecko species.

Scientific NamePhelsuma laticauda
Other Name
Size4-6 inches
Average Lifespan5-8 years

Gold Dust Day Gecko Characteristics

This lizard belongs to the smaller day geckos and the total length can reach about 15-22 cm. The body color is a yellowish green or bright green or rarely blue as well. These species have the yellow speckles on the neck and the upper back also. There are three rust-colored transverse bars on the snout and head, the upper part of the skin around the eye is blue. These have the three tapering red bars on the lower back. The tail is slightly flattened while the underside is off-white.

gold dust day gecko facts, diet, characteristics

Gold Dust Day Gecko Care

You can be housed these animals single or in pairs but need a large, well-planned terrarium. The temperature should be between 28 degrees Celsius during the day and in the night, it can be around 20 degrees Celsius. The humidity in the enclosure should be maintained between 65 to 75 percent. These animals can be fed with wax worms, fruit flies in captivity.

Gold Dust Day Gecko Facts

  • These diurnal species belong to the family Gekkonidae.
  • The species have the total length about 4-6 inches.
  • The average lifespan of the species is about 5-8 years.
  • The species is considered least concern by the IUCN red list of threatened species.
  • The female can lay up to 5 pairs of eggs.
  • The species get the sexual maturity after the 10-12 months.
  • The eggs hatch approximately within 40-45 days at a temperature of 28 degrees Celsius.

Gold Dust Day Gecko Habitat

The lizard species prefer to live in moist to semi-arid forests, and often at the edge zones with clearings. It mostly found on around in the banana trees because it has the proper moisture for these animals. The species introduced to Hawaii and other Pacific islands. It mostly inhabits on the various types of trees and houses to get the moisture.

Gold Dust Day Gecko Diet

These geckos feed on various insects and other invertebrates and are also capable of eating other smaller size lizards as well. They also were seen eating sweet soft fruit, pollen and nectar from flowers, often congregating in groups of many individuals to feed off of one plant.

Gold Dust Day Gecko Venom

These small geckos are non-venomous and harmless for the humans. But the medium or large sized geckos may bite can be distressed. The bite from the geckos is gentle and will not pierce the skin. A tropical geckos thrive in warm, humid areas where it can crawl under on the rotting wood in search of the insects it eats.

Gold Dust Day Gecko Reproduction

The female gecko is capable of laying a clutch of eggs every three to six weeks during the breeding season as long as dietary needs and environmental conditions are met. The females lay up to 5 pairs of eggs. The young will hatch after 40-45 days at a temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. The young measure up to 55-60 mm. They should be kept separately since even the juveniles can be quite quarrelsome. These get the sexual maturity within 10-12 months

Gold Dust Day Gecko Bite

The geckos are not dangerous for the humans. They don’t carry any poison or venom. Yet they can bite but it will be gentle and don’t even able to pierce the skin of the human being. These are small creatures prefer to live in humid areas.

Gold Dust Day Gecko As Pet

These geckos are the excellent choice to get as the pet. They have amazing bight green or yellowish green that can flabbergast your friends, relatives at your house. The species looks amazing in the appearance. And also, the species is not dangerous.

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