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Mexican Beaded Lizard

The Mexican Beaded Lizard is a species of lizard in the family Helodermatidae which is one of the two species of venomous beaded lizards majorly found in the Mexico and Southern Guatemala. This lizard is larger in the size than Gila Monster with duller coloration and black with yellowish bands. It is primarily fed eggs by using its venom.

What is Mexican Beaded Lizard

The Mexican Beaded Lizard is larger than the Gila Monster. The use of the primary venom is still debatable among scientists. The primary diet of these lizards is eggs. The venom in these lizards found in the several enzymes which are useful for making the drugs for the treatment of diabetes and research is still going on pharmacological use of its venom.
Scientific Name Heloderma Horridum
Other Name Beaded Lizard
Category Lizards
Size 22-36 inch
Average Lifespan Approx 30 years
Population NA

Mexican Beaded Lizard Characteristics

Adult beaded lizards range from 22-36 inches in the length. They are substantially larger than the Gila Monster which only reaches lengths of 12-22 inches. The snout to vent length of a beaded lizard is on average about 13-19 inches.

The average body mass of the Mexican Beaded Lizard is about 800 g. The males are slightly larger than females. The beaded lizards have the small, beadlike, and not overlapping scales. They have the color of the base varies with the amounts of yellow spots or bands with black. They have the tail to store fat to survive in the hard situation.

Mexican Beaded Lizard Care

You have to carefully handle the Mexican Beaded lizard and avoid the aggression as much you can. The lizard may strike you if feels any danger or uncomfortable. If you build the natural environment around it then it feels familiar and happy. You need to regularly maintain the temperature and availability of light for the lizard. Get the large enclosure as compared to the size of lizard.

Mexican Beaded Lizard Facts

  • Mexican Beaded Lizards are one of the venomous species.
  • These are primarily found in the Mexican area. So, it is named as Mexican beaded lizards.
  • These lizards are larger than the Gila monster.
  • The primary diet of these lizards is eggs.
  • The length of the male is slightly larger than the female ones.
  • The average lifespan of the beaded lizard is about 30 years.
  • These lizards are commonly seen at the Pacific Drainages.
  • These are known for the vertebrate nest predator which primarily feed on bird and reptile eggs.
  • A female beaded lizard can lay 2-30 eggs between October and December.

Mexican Beaded Lizard Habitat

Beaded lizards are found in the Pacific Drainages from southwestern Guatemala to Southern Sonora and two Atlantic drainages, from central Chiapas to southeastern Guatemala. The primary habitats are in the desert, tropical deciduous forests, and thorn scrub forests, but these are also found above 1500 m from sea level in pine-oak forests. These lizards are only active during April to mid-November with spending about one hour per day above the ground in wild.

Mexican Beaded Lizard Diet

The beaded lizard is a specialized vertebrate nest predator which mainly feeding bird and reptiles eggs. It occasionally preys upon small birds, mammals, lizards, frogs, and insects as well. These species wild caught specimens can be made to feed by using egg on the prey item. Sometimes, it uses their venom to take down its prey.

Mexican Beaded Lizard Venom

The venom glands of the beaded lizard are modified salivary glands located in the reptile lower jaw. When biting, the beaded lizard hangs its victim and chews to get its venomous saliva into the wound. Although the grip of the jaw is quite strong, its unsocketed teeth are easily broken off at their bases. The venom contains no enzymes that significantly affect coagulation.

Mexican Beaded Lizard Reproduction

The Mexican beaded lizard get the sexual maturity at the age of six to eight years and the process of mating occurs between September and October. Males go through the ritual combat that often lasts several hours; the victor mates with the female.

The females lay the clutch of 2-30 eggs between October – December, the clutch hatching in the month June or July. The Young lizards are rarely seen on the ground as they most of their life underground until they able to find food and protect themselves.

Mexican Beaded Lizard Bite

The bite of the Mexican beaded lizard effects excruciating pain that may extend well beyond the area bitten area and persist up to 24 hours. The bite can be affected the humans like weakness, sweating, and a rapid fall in blood pressure. Beaded lizards are immune to the effect of their own venom.

Mexican Beaded Lizard As Pet

The species is venomous and the bite from the Mexican Beaded Lizard can create many problems for humans as well as the other pets that you have at your house. Yet you can get the closed casing to take this lizard species at your house.

Mexican Beaded lizard is a venomous species and even can be dangerous for humans. You can explore this website to know more about lizard species.

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