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Ornate Uromastyx

Ornate Uromastyx is a species of lizard in the family Agamidae. The species is native to the Middle East. The species is also known as the Uromastyx ornate and Ornate mastigure. It is a beautiful species of lizards need to keep in very dry.

What is Ornate Uromastyx

The species was one of the first uro species to be established in the US reptile trade, along with much larger Egyptian Uro species. It has the skin color with deep blues and greens, combined with bright yellows and dark black. They are quite docile and have unique personalities.
Scientific Name Uromastyx ornata
Other Name Urmastyx ornate, Ornate mastigure
Category Lizard
Size 12-16 inches
Average Lifespan 12-20 years
Conservation Status Least Concern

Ornate Uromastyx Characteristics

It is one of the most colorful members of the genus in Israel and the total length can grow up to 15 inches. The species is a very striking reptile, and different morphs are being developed. They generally reach about a foot long in length which making a medium-sized lizard species.

Ornate Uromastyx Care

You have to regularly take care of this species for their long life. Keep the habitat and lizard very dry to avoid skin problems and toe infection. The moisture can cause these problems with your pet lizard. The species bask every day for some time. So, you have to maintain the temperature inside the enclosure by using the appropriate system.

Ornate Uromastyx Facts

  • The lizard species are medium-sized with powerful, short legs and a large, bulky body.
  • It has a broad tail that lied flat against the ground.
  • The skin color in the species between male and female also varies.
  • The lizard species are mostly herbivorous, feeding on the leaves, seeds, and flowers.
  • It has the overall length of the body about 12-16 inches.
  • The species has the captive lifespan about 12-20 years.
  • The lizard species require advanced care level.
  • The temperature inside the enclosure during the day can be 100 degrees Fahrenheit which can be reduced at the night.
  • The species get the maturity for reproduction at the age of 2-4 years.

Ornate Uromastyx Habitat

The species can easily be seen in the rocky desert, these lizards adapt to areas with high temperatures, very low rainfall, and little vegetation. Species are found on firm soil or rocky surfaces with sheltered crevices but rarely spend time on the sand. The species sometimes were seen climbing on Acacia trees.

Ornate Uromastyx Diet

This lizard species is herbivorous and only have the vegetable matter in the diet. The diet of the species also includes greens, veggies, flowers, beans, and seeds. You can feed your pet collard greens, dandelion greens, mustard, and turnip greens.

Ornate Uromastyx Venom

The lizard species don’t have the venom glands. So, these are not able to produce the venom. The species is not fatal for the humans. You can keep these colorful species of the lizard at your home without any worry. You have to carefully handle this species to avoid the bite from this.

Ornate Uromastyx Reproduction

The species reach to the maturity at the age about 2-4 years. The females can be particularly hard to pair up with a male breeding partner if she’s used to growing up alone. During the breeding season, the adult males become more colorful. The mating process in the species can be violent. After the successful mating, the female lays her eggs within four to six weeks. The size of the clutch can be 4-20 eggs which depend on the size, age, and health of the female.

Ornate Uromastyx Bite

The species usually don’t bite the humans. This is rarely seen the biting the humans by these lizards. You have to follow some instruction to avoid the biting from these lizards. You have to be careful while handling this species. The species may bite if they feel threatened or uncomfortable.

Ornate Uromastyx As Pet

This is one of the beautiful and colorful lizard species that you can keep at your home. Only you have to follow the instructions that you can get from the experts. By avoiding the instruction may be dangerous for your pet. You can get this lizard species from your local pet store or you can check out a few online pet traders.

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