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Sailfin Dragon

Sailfin Dragon is an excellent swimmer and has flattened toes that give them the ability to run across water. This lizard is also known as the Philippine sailfin lizard, crested lizard, sail-fin lizard, sailfin water lizard, soa-soa water lizard. The species is native to the Philippines.

What is Sailfin Dragon

This lizard species is native to the silty lowland rivers in tropical forests of the Philippine Islands and southern New Guinea. The species is an oviparous lizard mostly found near to the river. These have the ability of excellent swimming.
Scientific Name Hydrosaurus pustulatus
Other Name Philippine sailfin lizard, crested lizard, sail-fin lizard, sailfin water lizard
Category Lizard
Size 3-3.5 ft
Average Lifespan 8-12 years
Conservation Status Vulnerable

Sailfin Dragon Characteristics

The skin color in the males and females can vary. The males show a violet color as they grow older while the females are less colorful. The species has typically thinner and lighter-body, and it has a long tail. There are few specimens which grow their length up to 6-7 cm. The pattern is a mottled color of dark olive green and brown, often with yellowish patches on the flanks.

Sailfin Dragon Care

You can get the enclosure which can be easily maintained by the daily cleaning. The species usually poop in their water bowl, so don’t forget to clean the bowl on daily basis. Also, you have to use a ceramic heat emitter or red light during the day while at night, you can turn these off. You have to maintain humidity between 75-80% inside the enclosure.

Sailfin Dragon Facts

  • The male has large sailfin on its back and a long tail.
  • The female has a dorsal fringe near the back and the upper surface.
  • They have the flattened toes which help them to run over the water surface.
  • The species eat fruits, vegetables, insects, fish, and frogs.
  • The lizard defends itself by running in the water, often dropping from tree limbs.
  • The individuals became tame and seem to like being handled.

Sailfin Dragon Habitat

The species is native to the Philippines. It lives near rivers in the tropical forests in the Philippines besides the water like riverbanks, rivers, rice-fields etc. Their most of the days spent in vegetation overhanging the rivers and streams of the tropical jungles of the Philippine Islands, dropping into the water and swimming to the bottom at the first sign of approaching danger.

Sailfin Dragon Diet

The species is omnivorous and their diet includes fruit, leaves, flowers, insects, and small animals. In wild, the species just eat anything that known to be edible and healthy. The mature dragons are usually seen stick with the same diet and supplementation, and calcium dusted insects. You can add more variety such as small mice, ground turkey, clean fish, crustaceans, shrimp, and crawfish.

Sailfin Dragon Venom

This lizard species usually don’t have the primitive glands to produce the venom. These are non-venomous species of dragons that found in the tropical habitat. The species is not harmful to the humans and you can easily handle this species with bare hands. You just need to follow few instructions while handling this species.

Sailfin Dragon Reproduction

The female laid several clutches of eggs in the breeding season. Each clutch contains 2-8 eggs and mostly laid in shallow holes dug into the soil adjacent to the waterside homes, but usually above the flood line. The hatchling is quite fast and agile to enable them to escape from the territory of predators wanted to make them their diet. These are really good swimmers and move in the water to escape danger.

Sailfin Dragon Bite

The species have the quiet natural and not aggressive usually. Yet they have small teeth but unable to pierce the human skin. You have to clean the biting area with the good antiseptic as the lizard bites. This is rarely seen that these lizard bites any human.

Sailfin Dragon As Pet

This lizard species can be a good option to keep this as your pet. Yet the species is hard to found at your local pet store. It is possible that you might face the difficulty while finding this species across your place.

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